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Reliability, flexibility and responsiveness….

These are the qualities we pride ourselves on in the Clifford Power Systems rental group. When you call the Clifford rental group, you can depend on speaking to a knowledgeable professional who will help assess your needs.

Complete Temporary Power

After the right equipment and accessories for your project have been selected, our team of technicians and delivery personnel will go to work to assure that your downtime is kept to a minimum.

Clifford Power Systems continues to eliminate downtime after delivery by providing up-to date, well maintained, quality rental equipment.

Situations change, we know this. When a short-term rental becomes a long-term rental you will be glad you chose to rent from Clifford Power Systems. At Clifford you are doing more than solving a temporary problem, you are building equity. Because we rent to sell, our fleet is always up-to-date, and with the rapid changes in today’s technological environment you can be certain you are receiving the most up to date, efficient machinery available.

Rental Generators
CAT 1250kW Power Module:
DCA25: DCA45:
DCA70: DCA125:
DCA150: DCA180:
DCA220: DCA300:
DCA400: DCA600:
DCA800: DGK25B
DGK100B: DGK150D:
R120UC SDMO: G290:

Electrical Distribution, ADA Ramps & Accessories

Of course we rent generators, however we are uniquely positioned to provide a total temporary utility solution. Whether your application calls for electrical power, air conditioning, or heat, one call to Clifford Power Systems can provide the answer to all your needs.

Electrical Distribution & ADA Accessories
How much do I need? Estimating Electrical Distro. Estimating Electrical Distribution
ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant ramps ADA Cable Ramp:
4P 4P Feed thru:
19P 10P Panel:
Duplex Receptacle Panel DP1 Duplex Receptacle Panel:
FT1 4 Connection Panel FT1 4 Connection Panel:
FT2 10 Connection Panel FT2 10 Connection Panel:
Quad Box String-30 Foot Quad Box String-30 Foot

Emergency Response & Events

Where will you be when the lights go out? At Clifford Power Systems we will be at your side during your darkest hours. We pride ourselves on our rapid response during an emergency. We have assisted our customers during hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fire. Developing an emergency action plan with your Clifford Power Systems rental representative is the first step in resuming normal operations. At Clifford Power Systems we provide more than rental power we provide powerful solutions.

We invite you to explore these web pages; in them you will find information specific to our different product groups as well as technical information on the individual units available for rent. In addition you will also find a comprehensive listing of used equipment from our well-maintained rental fleet.

Remember Clifford Power Systems when your project, concert or festival, construction site or emergency response calls for temporary utility equipment.