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Our goal is to provide you and your home or business with the highest quality power generation units available.

To keep pace with the high standards we have set for ourselves, Clifford Power Systems has formed business partnerships with some of the nation’s highest esteemed manufacturers of power generation systems. Some of these include industry leaders such as Generac® Industrial Power and Doosan® Portable Power.

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Generac Product Specifications

Doosan Product Specifications

Generac®Industrial Power offers an extensive line of standby generators used to power airports, hospitals, factories, and communication centers. Generator solutions range in size from 7kW to 9 megawatts, gas or diesel fueled, 50 or 60 hertz, with a complete line of accessories including weather housings, sub-base fuel tanks, block heaters, sound attenuation options, and critical silencers.  In partnership with Clifford Power Systems, Generac®’s dedicated engineering staff will provide a power system to meet any customer need.

Generac® Industrial Power has engineered a complete line of automatic transfer switches to assure a continuous supply of power in emergency situations. Automatic transfer switches are available from 100 to 2600 amperes. Generac®’s automatic transfer switches offer a new compact design that is competitively priced for the market.

Generac® Industrial Power has designed the Modular Power System (MPS) solution which is an integrated approach to generator paralleling. An MPS solution is cost competitive with large single engine generators as well as with traditional paralleling systems.  Advantages of the MPS system are redundancy, flexibility, serviceability and scalability.

Standby Generators

The sudden loss of electrical power can cause major disruptions in critical information and manufacturing systems and could even place lives in jeopardy. Clifford Power Systems installs only top-of-the-line generators fueled by diesel, propane, or natural gas. Clifford Power Systems also provides necessary paralleling gear, transfer switches, and sound attenuation for each unit to achieve greatly reduced operational sound levels.


Clifford maintains millions of dollars worth of inventory in facilities strategically located in the mid section of the country and supplies dealers from coast to coast. By building one of the largest electrical generation inventories in the nation, Clifford Power Systems assures that the equipment you need is on hand and ready to move at a moments notice.

Mobile Applications

Remote and mobile electrical generation applications are many and varied. Clifford Power Systems provides trailer mounted units for construction, entertainment events and festivals, as well as supplemental power for businesses, oil field support, mobile medical, recreational vehicles, and generators for mobile cellular towers that assist with extra cellular capacity required for special situations or disaster site communications.

Technical and Engineering Expertise

We are much more than salesmen who hand you a generator out of a box. Clifford professionals utilize sophisticated CAD capabilities, know how to properly design and procure systems for any size or type of generator application in any kind of environment.